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Capture Management

Capture management is an excellent strategic approach which is critical to qualifying business opportunities and developing unique strategies geared towards increased possibilities of winning business opportunities. 
We work with our clients, thereby helping them create an accurately structured capture plan to actualize the objectives of the intended projects fully. Clients receive excellent guidance from our team of professionals who will make provisions of the following:

  1. Competitive evaluation resources

  2. Capture plans structure and functional tools

  3. Provide absolute techniques based on the objectives and requirements of the customer

  4. Action plan guidance towards a teaming strategy 

  5. Cultivation a Win Strategy

Competitive evaluation resources
Through a thorough assessment of the competition, we evaluate the competitor’s strengths and faults against your strengths and flaws to develop detailed insights into the right winning strategy.

Capture plans structure and functional tools
We help our clients sieve through the potential challenges and performance risks proposed by the business opportunity, thereby establishing key milestones and decision gates necessary for progress. 

Creation of accurate procedural techniques
We will carefully evaluate the objectives and requirements of the customer in a bid to formulate the right solutions to perform the work that achieves this goal. And by understanding the client’s objectives, perfect the procurement strategy necessary for winning. 

Action plan guidance towards a teaming strategy
We will analyze and determine the best teaming partners alongside identifying the various areas where the skills of the different teaming partners can be fully maximized to advance the opportunity.

Cultivate a unique winning strategy
Through effective assessment of the competition, accurate performance of risk assessments, the creation of effective procedural techniques, and development of the right team, we will create a WIN strategy that is unique and entirely different, yet more captivating than any other produced within the competitive scene.

FFC is dedicated to helping you formulate a winning capture strategy that compels and gets the contract. Call us today (404) 829-1129

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