Grant Writing Services

We are geared towards helping you achieve success notwithstanding the business opportunity at hand. We offer ongoing contracts among our grant writing services for nonprofit organizations. These six-month to one-year agreements include an array of grant writing services. This means we research grant opportunities, write highly competitive grant proposals, and participate in debriefs with foundations on rejected proposals. We work to build long-term relationships with foundations following a successful proposal. With these contracts, we act as much more than a writer. We serve as consultants to help ensure the long-term success of the grants program.

We proofread your grant proposals before you submit them, making sure your message is clear and that you’ve followed the grant-maker’s instructions. A second set of eyes on your proposal is always important.


In a close partnership with your team, we lead the writing and submission of highly technical and involved government grants. After that, we ensure your narrative is strong. Finally, we verify that your entire application package meets the rigorous standards laid out by the agency.

Our grant writing services include private coaching sessions. In these sessions, we make suggestions and offer advice for your grant proposals. This includes offering insight on why you may not have received funding in the past and what you can do to improve your proposals to be more competitive. We also offer an in-depth, personalized, training program to teach you and your staff to write successful grants. Most importantly, this helps you build a sustainable grant writing program in-house.