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Training Services

We are geared towards helping you achieve success notwithstanding the business opportunity at hand. Therefore, we offer customized virtual classes within your location through your localized virtual platform. Our team of seasoned experts will teach this classes using an intricate combination of theory and case studies to provide our clients with world-class knowledge on capture and proposal management services.  

Our training services span the following course:

  1. Capture Management for the Federal Contractor

  2. Opportunity Identification/ Analysis


Capture Management for the Federal Contractor
Capture Management embodies all processes used by government contractors to identify, qualify and develop strategies geared towards winning the new business venture. This course will outline and explain in comprehensive details the various process towards an effective capture management system.
This course will also outline how to build the winning capture team, conduct competitive assessments and determine the risks involved. It will also outline the right approach to creating a winning solution which outlines you risk mitigation strategies.  

What you will learn:

  1. The excellent steps to evaluate and select the right business opportunities

  2. Formulate your capture plan

  3. Create unique and compelling solutions that would stand distinctly above other proposals.

  4. Create an excellent WIN strategy

  5. Evaluate your competition and subsequently formulate effective strategies that maximize the opportunity completely.

  6. Establish a competitive pricing schedule that wins the bid

  7. Formulate and execute capture activities strategically organized to WIN.

Opportunity Identification/Analysis
Excellently structured proposal management ensures that your organization responds to the buyer Request for Proposals (RFP) confidently. Therefore, by careful planning and integrating the right strategies, you can develop the best proposal that satisfies every tenet of the requirements and needs of the buyer. 
This course outlines the procedures necessary for integrating capture management into the creation of high scoring proposals. It will examine the basis of the government acquisition framework which constitutes the capture management stages, client interaction, adhering to the requirements an objectives of the customer, assessment of the opportunity, the establishment of the right price to win and establishing decision gates. 

This course also features the effective management of the proposal development process after the RFP release which constitutes, drafting the proposal outline, establishment of schedules, validating and resources and facilitating the kick-off meetings. It will also outline the final steps towards proposal submission, post-proposal submission as well as integrating a closure strategy.
In details, you will learn:

Beginners guide to Government Contracting


This course will constitute a comprehensive study of the federal market. This will include a study of the Federal Acquisition Regulations, procedures for Registration (DUNs, CAGE, Code, NAICS, Code Discussion and so on. In addition, you will amass an understanding of the different kinds of contracts. It will include insights on how to attract the right people to boost your chances of assessing the business opportunity of interest. You will also receive instructions on how to create an excellent marketing plan to appeal to the government.

Opportunity sites overview

This course outlines the various ways of finding Government business opportunities. It also constitutes step by step instructions on how to analyze business opportunities with regards to your companies goals and objectives to ensure that the business opportunity can be effectively operated by your organization. This section concludes with a practical assessment towards searching for opportunity, analyzing opportunities and creating a well-structured capture plan. 

Proposal Writing 
This course evaluates the essential qualities of an excellent proposal copy. It will outline the various types of solicitations as well as the principles of reviewing a solicitation. You will also receive instructions on the basics of writing a proposal and understanding the right resources that are needed to enhance the quality of the proposal quality, avoid mistakes and therefore write practical proposals which increases the chances of winning the project at hand. This tutorial will contain comprehensive details about the right way to organize compliance matrices as well as formulate compelling proposals. Lastly, this section will receive the fundamentals of cost and pricing and how to develop the right price that wins. 

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