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First Foster Consulting prides itself on its commitment to building and retaining Georgia's workforce. The company's internship program focuses on four main objectives: (1) providing college students with corporate experience; (2) career and resume development; (3) teaching entrepreneurial skills; and (4) offering full-time employment after graduation.  We offer paid internships for students with no GPA requirement. Our President believes in working specifically with minority college students who display passion, commitment, and integrity. 

First Foster Interns have two pathways to growth with the company: (1) Associate Research Analyst, or (2) Associate Consultant. Both pathways include working with experienced professionals and our clients. All interns are given opportunities of promotion after the first year of employment. 

Over a five-year period, we anticipate 100% matriculation of interns of approximately 10 interns graduating with their bachelor’s degrees and receiving full-time offers of employment. 

Associate Consultant, Demetri Lyons, has over 2 years of federal government contracting. Demetri is currently pursuing a B.A. in Finance and Accounting. He works in conjunction with the Principal Consultant to identify and analyze opportunities for clients. Further, Demetri provides Contract Management support for FFC's GSA Schedule clients. 

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First Foster Consulting is a supplier of the following PPE items 3ply disposable masks, face shields, gloves and shoe covers only. As more PPE becomes available, we will update the website.

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